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Dayton Hamvention 2007

Day Three - Saturday 5/19/2007
Very realistic looking "robots" from the ICOM booth.

$2000 beacon rx - R389 15KC - 1500KC

New K3 rig ... start selling your old radios now!

1953 Vintage U.S. Army Communications Truck

Woodbridge Wireless Club Group Picture

Good Bluegrass at the Dayton Hamvention!

Day two - Friday 5/18/2007
New Icon R9500 very cool RX! a rx that most of us might own in about 15 years!

New Hilberling rig! a radio that most of us will might in about 20 years!

8 - 5 hamfesting can wear you out!

Day one - Thursday 5/17/2007

KD6AKC, KA4RRU, K4NCG picking up 155ba at WZ8P

Airborn Laser Lab - Wright Paterson Air Force Base

KA4RRU and C130 at Wright Paterson Air Force Base

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