Welcome to KA4RRU

  • 8/22/06 Thanks Alex (KE4BUS) for 99.9 % of the painting and "Mud" work and also for 100% of the carpet donation and install!!!
    Thanks to the following for all of their hard work and donations to the KA4RRU Shack Overhaul !
  • Alex - KE4BUS - Donation of Carpet and Installing the carpet, Painting and Mud work, lots of design ideas, and working the grill!!
  • Dean - WA4TK - Donation of Wood for desk, Computers and Monitors, and many other things.
  • Steve - N4DXS - Building the desk, building the "Room of Rest", and many other things
  • Richard - K3UI - Working on Coax cables, ethernet cables and many other things
  • Paul - (brother of KA4RRU) - Worked with Mike (KA4RRU) and did most of the drywall work and hanging of doors.

    Fixing up the shack

    Hardline project!

    page updated on 07/31/2022